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Image by lalo Hernandez

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Our Unique Features

Da Nest 🪹 

Our location is rich with wild birds and native foliage including hundreds of native palms, sea grape trees and Kamalame Trees to name a few. To fully appreciate the landscape we’ve created a bird nest themed upper level which allows our guests to observe the canopy of the forest and panoramic views of the beautiful turquoise waters at the same time. This is the perfect spot for a photo opportunity wearing our customized Bird Wings 😊.


Kamalame Showers 

Upon our discovery of one of the most majestic Kamalame Trees on our property we were so intrigued by its natural beauty that it has inspired us to create what is now known as “Kamalame Showers”. Kamalame showers is a natural rockscape and shower made out of limestone which surrounds this Tree. The rockscape not only accentuates the trees’ natural beauty but also makes for another great photo opportunity for our guests.

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